The land area of Providencia Island measures 17 km. Along with its smaller sister island of Santa Catalina (2 km) it is enclosed by an extensive barrier reef system of some 35 km in length and covering over 250 km2 in area — making it one of the most significant reefs perfect for diving sports. The mountainous center of Providencia Island rises to three peaks of about the same elevation and up to 363 meters high. The island consists of sedimentary rocks that have been laid down upon a former volcano of ancient origins, which makes it possible to have fresh water sources. The Natural National park is called MacBean Lagoon, including the beautiful crab Key ideal for snorkeling. Crab Key can be reached by Boat or by Kayak.
Providence’s history is full of adventures, different cultural groups have been on the island throughout the years; Spanish, English, Dutch… The names and actual traditions come from the West Indian English similar to the Jamaican English or the one from the Cayman Islands. The Spanish from the beginning of the 16th century dominated the archipelago; but soon it was suffering of abandon and occupation from English pirates; such as Francis Drake, Henry Morgan and Edward Mansfeld. Military remains from this time can still be seen. After Spain recovered control in 1789, the archipelago was almost forgotten by the republic for around 150 years, this reinforced the cultural and religious identity of the island. During the last years, the tourism has increased, due to the increasing popularity of its submarine paradise.